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New Product & Service Highlights

WaterCurb™ RPM:

WaterCurb™ RPM is a patented microgel technology for water shut-off treatments and other conformance operations. It also improves

rock consolidation and increasing the lifetime of sand control completions.


·        Excellent mechanical (20000 s-1 applied shear rates)

·       Thermal (up to 165 °C) and chemical resistance

·       High temperature resistance

·       Water soluble


·   Size controlled and narrow size distribution

·     Not effected by parameters such as pH or presence of electrolytes

·  Good injectivity and depth of propagation. Note that it penetrates the largest permeability layer, therefore applicable to specific

    candidate wells/reservoirs



·        Long term reduction in water production, in various field situations and wide range of permeabilities (up to 5 darcy)

·        Water shut off multi-layer water-flooded wells

 ·        Applicable for horizontal and multi-lateral wells

 ·        High salinity environments

 ·    Mobility control fluids where linear polymers do not suit the reservoir conditions