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New Product & Service Highlights

DosFL™D :

DosFL™D composition contains polymer which useful in controlling the fluid loss rate. Extensive testing has been performed and the

results showed that overall performance of DosFL™ D remained good with many cement additives. 


·      Control ISO/API fluid loss rate to 42 ml/30 min at a concentration of 0.5 %BWOC. 

·      Synergistic effect with DOSAS GasStop™ 3000 controls annular gas migration. 

·     The filtration rate decrease owing to the plugging of pores within the cement filtercake by the DosFL™ D small particles. 

·      Hard and cracked filtercake with 42 mm thickness.

·      Formation impermeable filtercake due to DosFL™ D particles size range between 0.15 – 2 mm.



·      DosFL™ D was developed for primary or squeeze operations.

·      Adequate fluid-loss control with 0.5 %BWOC or less.