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DosR™ 79

DosR™ 79 Mid Temperature Retarder

DosR™ 79 MT Retarder is a synthetic low molecular weight polymer. It contains no lignosulfonates and it is expected to show low toxicity.

  • DosR™ 79 MT Retarder is typically used at 0.2% to 1.5% by weight of cement.

  • Salt at high loadings greatly intensifies the retardation obtained with DosR™ 79 MT Retarder, so that 350°F BHCTs are readily handled.

  • Intensifier can be used with DosR™ 79 MT Retarder in fresh-water slurries at 204°C or more: a good starting point for testing is to use intensifier at half of the DosR™ 79 MT Retarder loading, though other ratios are certainly possible.


Dosas Chemical Brochure Data Sheet
Dosas Chemical Regulatory Data Sheet
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