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ِDOSAS' Asphaltene Solutions

Asphaltenes: the highest-molecular weight organic fraction to be found in crude oil. They consist of heteroatom-containing polycyclic aromatic groups with aliphatic arms. The specific structure of asphaltenes varies from crude to crude. Asphaltenes occurring downhole can have drastic effects on production, requiring expensive workovers to remediate. DOSAS Asphaltene testing workflow focuses on specific solutions for each case, for optimum treatment efficiency. We also assist to define the cause of deposition, to requirement for cyclical treatments.

Benefits of Asphaltene Testing Workflow

  • Insights provided to causes of deposition, to alter (if possible) production environment and reduce asphaltene deposition

  • Tailor-made inhibition and removal products, specific to each crude type and composition

  • Optimised supply chain process for one-off or continual product supply

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