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Cementing is the process of placing cement between the casing and the formation. When a part of an oil or gas well is drilled, steel casings are located and fixed with cement to the formation in order to keep the well stable. This cement also separates different geological layers from each other; functions as a barrier that protect the casing from corrosion; prevents the oil, gas, or water from moving in the annulus; and is used in other operations such as well abandonment.

DOSAS’ state-of-the-art cement additives include a broad range of products that you need to reach well integrity. Our fluid loss control additives, which are stable at high temperatures and difficult conditions, provide filtration control properties for a variety of drilling fluids and assure you of a suitable cement concentration, in addition to these fluid loss control additives we have lost circulation control additives that are most powerful bridging materials to control the slurry thickness. We offer gas migration control additives that greatly prevent gas from migration and channeling through the cement. DOSAS also provides cleaning agents that are truly designed for the effective cleaning of surfaces. Our elasticity agents have flexible mechanical properties that ensure you of a reliable cementing job under different conditions.

Engineered expanding agents of our company usefully prevent the shrinkage of the cement during the setting time. Furthermore, our retarders can be synergistically mixed with our outstanding dispersants allowing for time-critical cementing jobs under high-temperature conditions. And so many other incredible additives that you need for high-quality zonal isolation.

Optimized Cementing Additives Portfolio

Above all, to achieve desired well integrity, we offer a solution or special technology to each particular challenge, that can be customized with your requirements. Do you want to know more about our well cementing products?

We actively promote innovative technology and work to solve customers’ formulating and supply challenges through the provision of these customized solutions. Our experts have the highest competency and global experience in environments, including conventional land operations, ultra-Deepwater, HPHT, and tight clearance cementing.

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Gas Migration Control

Gas migration can occur during cement placement between the end of the cementing operation and setting of the cement and after the cement has set.  Latex additives are used to prevent short-term gas migration.

Latex Gas Migration Control Additive

Latex Gas Migration Control Additive

Latex Gas Migration Control Additive is an incredible anti-gas migration agent because it controls fluid loss without adversely affecting the rheology or stability of the slurry....

Cleaning Agent

Nonaqueous drilling fluids leave a thin layer of oil on the casing and formation, preventing a strong cement bond from forming. To help ensure complete zonal isolation and reduce the risk of remedial work, spacer fluids are used to clean residual mud from the wellbore, casing, and formation before cementing operations.

DosSurf™ 10 Surfactant

DosSurf™ 10 Surfactant

DosSurf™ 10 Surfactant is designed to promote phase inversion of an oil external inverted emulsion to be highly effective at degreasing surfaces....

Our additives modify the behaviour of the cement system, ensuring adequate zonal isolation during the lifetime of the well. Our CO2 Cement Technology is an optimized chemistry, which significantly enhances the chemical resistance of cement in the carbon dioxide corrosive environment.

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