Consumer Care

Unique Ingredients, Created for Products Used Every Day

Consumer Care

Enriching lives, in harmony with nature

Within DOSAS, Consumer Care is certainly one of the most innovative divisions. Special products demand special materials.
We offer a wide range of specialized materials from selected suppliers along with novel ideas and solutions for many consumer care applications, such as: home care, industrial care and personal care.

With strong innovative mental characteristics and the will to always be one step ahead of time, we are typically able to overcome the challenge of developing unique and effective product concepts, validating this in the form of relevant scientific evidence, and thus providing extensive advice.  DOSAS has a wide range of high quality products and services for consumer care in its portfolio and consider ourselves an experienced and competent partner.


Home Care

Cleaning and detergent products are used every day in every household, we offer a wide range of special, efficient and safe materials for detergents and cleaning products.

DosCare™ 17 Surfactant

DosCare™ 17 Surfactant

DosCare™ 17 Surfactant is a versatile amphoteric surfactant used in detergent without sulfates....

Personal Care

We offer high quality materials and innovative active ingredients for the personal care. With a particular focus on consumer care and industry-specific requirements, we recommend innovative and efficient solutions.

DosCare™ 33 Surfactant

DosCare™ 33 Surfactant

DosCare™ 33 Surfactant is an easy-to-use thickening agent, a dermo-protective agent, and a formula-protecting agent....

Consumer Care Consulting

DOSAS has industry knowledge, insight, and experience to help personal care and detergent products companies productions to meet their processing and formulation challenges, identify business opportunities and grow profitability.


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