Flow Assurance

Optimize Multiphase Flow In Wells, Flowlines and Processing Facilities

Flow Assurance

Innovative flow assurance solutions combining advanced chemicals,
strong formulation expertise, and reactive technical support

The design, strategies and principles for ensuring that there is uninterrupted hydrocarbon production flowing from the reservoir to the point of sale. Impediments to hydrocarbon flow in wellbores and flowlines may arise from an interrelated combination of effects involving flow dynamics—single and multiphase fluid flow—and production chemistry. Flow assurance involves the reliable, continuous and simultaneous transport of liquid crude oil, gas, water and sand from the formation to the processing facilities. Production blockages can be caused by a variety of sources, including scale, paraffin, asphaltenes, and hydrates. All of these lead to costly issues like production loss, downtime, equipment repairs, and more.

Flow assurance is an engineering discipline covering all the fluid related knowledge and technology required to ensure that undesirable formation of downhole and pipeline deposits is anticipated, limited, or prevented during production and transportation of crude oil. DOSAS’  portfolio has been designed to provide the best possible treating solutions. Our focus is to optimise our customers’ capital and operating expenditures to help them bring oil to the market with the highest profitability. Experts properly diagnose potential risks, implement the right treatment, and continue to optimize performance to keep your production flowing — safely and efficiently.

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Asphaltene dispersant

Asphaltene dispersants are peptize asphaltene by bridging asphaltenes with their polar groups and stretching the aliphatic chains toward the bulk phase, and forming a steric stabilization layer around the asphaltene.

DosFlux™ 150 Asphaltene Dispersant

DosFlux™ 150 Asphaltene Dispersant

DosFlux™ 150 is an asphaltene dispersant solution protect against asphaltene blockages in oil & gas production...

Asphaltene Inhibitor

Asphaltene Inhibitors prevent the aggregation of asphaltene molecules, increasing the asphaltene stability and allowing operations to continue under more severe conditions.

Asphaltene Control Solution

Asphaltene Control Solution

Keep your oil reservoir, production piping, and transport equipment free of asphaltene deposits for optimal production...

Paraffin inhibitor

Paraffin inhibitors disrupt wax crystallization processes and lower the cloud point ensuring the continuous flow of waxy crude oil at low temperatures, mitigating wax deposition issues.

DosFlow™ PR-33 Paraffin Dissolvent

DosFlow™ PR-33 Paraffin Dissolvent

DosFlow™ PR-33 dissolve paraffin deposition where deposits are impacting production...

Flow Assurance Testing Program

The field is quickly expanding to include a wide range of analytical methods. DOSAS will support to ensure you have uninterrupted and optimum productivity in your oil and gas streams.


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