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Integral Governance Framework

Setting a strategy that delivers the company’s purpose, underpinned by values and behaviors that shape the culture and the way DOSAS conducts its business.

DOSAS has outlines a comprehensive and operative management system for successful accomplishments of its sustainability goals and objectives, and through our enterprise risk management framework we ensure that risk assessments are performed properly.

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Our Governance
System and Principles

Management system

The core of sustainable value generation.

DOSAS has outlines a comprehensive and operative management system for successful accomplishments of its sustainability goals and objectives.

Diverse internationally requirements are considered to improve our management system functionality.

DOSAS’ comprehensive management system agrees with all the internal and external standards, which DOSAS countersigns. This system complies with the standard management systems such as: ISO 9001 (quality), and ISO 14001 (environment).

Continuous observation reviews the process auditing and procedures to verify that business development meets the internal and external provisions that DOSAS countersigns to or is committed to adhere to. Moreover, DOSAS’ production plant is inspected for possible risks and optimization possibilities, and we cooperate with our customers, our business partners and service providers to enhance the whole process and observe the not conformity to our standards.

According to guidelines of product and production safety assurance, the system includes regulations, plans and risk measurement system to minimize the environmental, health and safety effects to the upmost possible extent. We encourage each employee in their responsibility to make sure of the best operation of the system by implementing training courses.

Reaching and keeping a high level of quality in every sectors of our business, our EHS programs, and responsibilities is the core of our sustainability targets.

Risk management

DOSAS considered that the profitability, sustainability improvement and competitivity are created by prosperous risk taking and that risks must be controlled and managed properly. Risk management concept is not about inhibiting people from taking risks but rather to support them to optimize the risk level. Risk in inevitable in all our activities and it is crucial to outline risk management in the basis of business processes. To accomplish DOSAS’ strategic objectives, risks need to be managed and controlled properly.

DOSAS enterprise risk management framework ensures that risk assessments are performed properly.

Principles and certifications

DOSAS’ health, safety, environment and quality management is certified to ISO9001and ISO45001.

This certificate is significantly critical for our organization and also for most of our business partners. This makes the necessity of a standardized and transparent management system.

For this certificate, DOSAS sustainability policy involves the main aspects of our policy on quality, environment, health and safety.

For more information, please find the documents below:

Sustainability policy (pdf)

ISO9001 certificate (pdf)

ISO 45001certificate (pdf)

The Basis for Sustainable Value Creation

DOSAS has implemented an integrated and highly efficient global management system for successful implementation of its sustainability strategy and objectives. Various internationally acknowledged requirements and their control mechanisms are used by our governance  to improve our management system performance in accordance to our cultural behavior.