Acid Retarder Solution

Extended Matrix Acidizing Using Retarded Acid Solutions

Acid Retarder Solution
See Maximized Efficiency in Your Wells

The techniques of matrix and fracture acidizing of sandstone and carbonate reservoirs are used to stimulate production rates in oil and gas formations. Acid Retarder is a highly effective product which is slowing the reactivity of Hydrochloric Acid with limestone and dolomite.

The products of this solution can be added to any acid including common 15-28% Hydrochloric Acid used in oil field acidizing. The use of retarded acid will result in the etching of the fracture face far from the wellbore. This is extremely important in low permeability reservoirs where the benefits of stimulation are directly related to live acid penetration.

DOSAS’ Acidizing Portfolio Expedite and Enhance Hydrocarbon Recovery

Retarded acid extends reservoir contact compared with conventional Hydrochloric Acid. The low reaction rate of the acid allows it to travel deep into the reservoir before completely spending. The use of Hydrochloric Acid as the reactive component gives the fluid a high dissolution capacity.


Different Ways to Retard the Acid Reaction Rate:

Acid Emulsifier

Emulsified acids improve function by providing deeper penetration of acid into reservoirs.

Product Name Description
Emulcide™ 110 Acid Emulsifier Non-ionic surfactant as stabilizing acid-internal and oil-external emulsions
Emulcide™ 220 Acid Emulsifier Blend of surfactants and solvents with high stability for several hours at higher temperatures

Acid Gelling Agent

Acid gelling agents effectively improve acid’s fluid efficiency and fracture conductivity.

Product Name Description
HiFlow™ 500 Acid Gelling Agent Cationic emulsion polymers help to retard acid reaction
HiFlow™ 700 Acid Gelling Agent Cationic surfactant with low viscosity for long period at high temperatures

Acid Foamer

Acid foaming is a blend of highly effective surfactants slowing the reactivity of Hydrochloric Acid.

Product Name Description
FoamPro™ 100 Acid Foamer Excellent effective foam stabilizer and foam booster for stimulation
FoamPro™ 200 Acid Foamer Good stability in highly concentrated acids and provide corrosion inhibition

Viscosity and Stability of HiFlow™ 700 Acid Gelling Agent

High dosage of HiFlow™ 700 Acid Gelling Agent will build viscosity, making it an effective polymer for the suspension and transportation of proppant. Acid gelling agents effectively improve acid’s fluid efficiency. Also, this cationic-based gelling agent has low viscosity for a long period at high temperatures. HiFlow™ 700 is a polymeric friction reducer designed for use in hydraulic fracturing fluid systems with high total dissolved solids.

This product achieves the stable, dense, and homogenous acid gels you seek, which result in a number of benefits:

  • Improves protection of tubular
  • Decreases the rate of friction during pumping
  • Increases formation penetration depth