AntiScalant DosTreat™ Solution

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 Oilfield Scale Control Solution

Optimize Oil & Gas Production Subsequently
Manage The Scale Formation Potential

DosTreat™ oilfield scale control solution provide an effective production optimization oil & gas industry, in addition to ensure anticipating, limiting, or preventing undesirable formation during production and transportation of crude oil by flow assurance plans. Because different mineral and salt types from its origin make most of the reservoir formation; consequently oil and gas, and scale-resulting minerals are naturally formed together in the same environment and certainly can never be isolated.

In most cases salts and formation water which dissolving components are associate at reservoir conditions but under specific production conditions for instance substantial change in flowing pressure and temperature meanwhile, the formation of scales can occur before the production stream reaches the surface. Since manipulating of downhole flowing conditions are not easily , changing production conditions favor the nucleation of scales along perforations, valves, production tubing, casing, pumps and other down hole completion equipment, with detrimental effects on production.

Scale Management:

Identification of the optimum approach to minimizing their negative effects is the primary goal for production optimization and our scale management strategies are based on scale formation and location prediction, moreover evaluation of potential chemistry, and deployment techniques for long-term effectiveness; in the same vein DOSAS can work with you to address your oilfield scaling challenges and the level of support we provide is customized to meet your individual requirements by providing oilfield scale control solutions.


Scale Inhibitors for Oilfield Operations

The inhibition mechanism by which a scale inhibitor functions depends on its chemical nature, whether a chelating agent or threshold (liquid or solid inihibitor) scale inhibitor in other hand it can function by one or more mechanisms as described below.

A chemical scale inhibitor can also function as a surface conditioner to preventing scaling in this way, the tubing walls or equipment surfaces are conditioned in such a way that the adherence of crystals onto the walls or surfaces is prevented.


Phosphonate Scale Inhibitor

Phosphonate scale inhibitors work by being adsorbed onto active particle growth sites, where they retard the nucleation and crystal growth rate. Phosphonates are sequestrants that form a complex with various cations and keep water solutions stable even at points of relatively high supersaturation. Organophosphates are multifunctional metal ion control agents. By definition, they contain at least one functional group, -PO3H2, attached to a carbon atom. The carbon to phosphorous bond is one of the phosphonate’s desirable attributes:

  • A strong anionic (negative) charge & multiple bonding sites within their complex structures
  • Excellent tolerance to dissolved iron
  • Environmentally acceptable inhibitor

Product Name Description
DosTreat™ I-73 Scale Inhibitor DosTreat™ I-73 functions by delivering a threshold depression of crystal precipitation.

Polymeric Scale Inhibitor

Polymers are highly effective in controlling various types of scales, depending on the types of monomers present in the polymer. Polymers interfere with crystal lattice growth in mineral scale formations and prevent or reverse the growth of dense, adherent mineral deposits. Polymers also function by modifying or distorting newly formed scale crystals. These distorted crystals re-dissolve in the water and do not form scales on critical equipment.

  • Extensive range of brine and thermal tolerance
  • Enhanced inhibition due to dispersion mechanism

Phosphonated Polymer Scale Inhibitor

Phosphonates end-capped environmentally acceptable polymers have unique technology placement of phosphonate groups on the end of the polymer chain providing maximum adsorption efficiency on surfaces (including crystal surfaces) to control of carbonate, sulfate, and exotic scale. This attraction can effectively sequester (combine) with the cations, forming a complex that interferes with deposit formation.

  • Best-in-class environmental performance (high biodegradability, low bioaccumulation & aquatic toxicity)
  • Effective broad spectrum scale control in high temperature and high pressure conditions
  • Extended squeeze lifetimes

Product Name Description
DosTreat™ I-20 Scale Inhibitor Effective broad spectrum scale control in high temperature and high pressure conditions

Simulation & Evaluation, Optimize Production

Our laboratories and technicians have the expertise and tools to perform all the tests required to manage the treatment and measure the performance for instance:

  • Static prescreening for compatibility, efficiency, and adsorption
  • Dynamic tube blocking test for determining the injection dosage or minimum inhibitor concentration