H₂S Scavenger

Reduce Hydrogen Sulfide Levels

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    H₂S Scavenger

    Sour Corrosion

    Corrosion conditions exacerbation caused by H₂S in the systems of oil, brine, and gas responsible for some of highest equipment deterioration rates in the petroleum industries which increases significantly the production costs. In this regard, DOSAS has developed H₂S scavenger solutions of DoScav™ to protect your
    operations and equipment from H₂S induced corrosions such as sulfite cracking, electrochemical corrosion and corrosion fatigue with lowing overall treating cost and improving the treatment efficiency.


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    DOSAS Scavenger solutions are recommended depending on the nature of the H₂S problem, pH, temperature, compositions of the stream being addressed and also the petroleum product being treated.

    H₂S Scavenger
    Performance & Side Effect Evaluation

    As H₂S scavengers are widely used within the production operations on a continuous or batch basis, their performance and side effects require testing prior to deployment. We evaluate your demands to find the optimal H₂S scavenger solution based on testing the product performance in various steams and production chemical compatibility.