DoScav™ 500 H₂S Scavenger

Non-Triazine Based Hydrogen Sulphide (H₂S) Scavenger

DoScav™ 500 H₂S Scavenger

Low Nitrogen Content and Dual Solubility

DoScav™ 500 is an oil/water soluble H₂S scavenger based on aldehyde condensate. This scavenger is designed to effectively combat potential challenges that occur with H₂S in oil, gas and water during the production processes. DoScav™ 500 composition has been optimized to reduce many process issues associated with conventional triazine and decrease capex with lower dosage rates and increase crude value by minimizing nitrogen contamination.

  • Performance Highlight
  • Typical Properties
  • Benefits & Application

Performance Highlight

Modelling the
Scavenger Dosage

Recommendation based on H₂S production how much DoScav™ needed to remove H2S. Additional modelling is recommended to optimize the product based on process parameters.

Typical Properties

  • Appearance
  • Density
  • Colorless to Light Yellow Liquid
  • 1.049-1.069 g/mL

Benefits & Application

  • Drilling Fluids (offshore and onshore)
  • Downhole Production Wells
  • Applicable in Cold Regions

      DoScav™ 500 H₂S Scavenger