Asset Integrity

Optimize Efficiency With Proactive Asset Integrity

Asset Integrity

Productivity empowered where safety and sustainability

An asset has integrity when it is operated and maintained so that the combination
of the likelihood of failure and the consequence of failure makes the risk to people,
environment and the company as low as reasonably practical. Maintaining assets
that are reaching, or are already operating beyond the end of their design life, is
a global challenge for the oil and gas industry.

Asset Integrity concentrates on reducing damage due to flow of corrosive or
contaminated fluids, and allowing customers to reduce workovers and shutdowns
caused by equipment failure. DOSAS delivers comprehensive solutions — corrosion
mitigation, bacteria management, H2S control — to manage any integrity challenge
at any time. Whether you’re stimulating new wells, optimizing production operations
or decommissioning a field, we offer complete solutions for all aspects of asset integrity.
Our risk-based approach to asset maintenance helps you cost effectively and safely
manage the integrity.

Corrosion Inhibitors for Oilfield Applications

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Doscav™ H2S Scavengers

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Corrosion Inhibitors Testing & Performance Evaluation

As a solution-oriented group in providing customized solution services to the oil, gas and chemical industries, we bring unrivalled analytical expertise through our global network, placing a solid focus on operational excellence.

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