Corrosion Inhibitor

Reduce the risks of equipment failure, leaks, and spills with comprehensive corrosion control solutions that combine innovative treatment chemistries, application expertise, and continuous monitoring.

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    Corrosion Inhibitor

    Innovative and cost-effective solutions
    combining advanced

    dosas’s state-of-the-art cement dispersants improve the slurry rheology such that long range pumping is greatly improved and at the same time water-reduced cement slurries are possible. Fluid loss additives, which are stable against high temperatures and concentrated salt solutions, ensure a reliable cementing job under difficult conditions.


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    Scale inhibitors are chemicals that delay or prevent scale formation when added in small concentrations in water that would normally create scale deposits in surface or downhole equipment.

    Flow Assurance
    Testing Program

    The field of flow assurance is quickly expanding to include a wide range of analytical methods. DOSAS will support to ensure you have uninterrupted and optimum productivity in your oil and gas streams

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