Barium Sulphate Scale Dissolver

Fast-Acting Specialty Formulation

Barium Sulphate Scale Dissolver


Robust Features for Robust Performance

DoSolx™ 20 is a formulated scale dissolver with similar efficiency to sulfuric acid, so offers increased reaction rates and more rapid descaling action than typical organic acids while being much less corrosive to metals and safer to handle than other strong acids.

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Eliminate Long Soaking Time


Specialty Formulation

DoSolx™ 20 is a fast-acting scale dissolver for the barite (BaSO₄) scale and eliminates long soak times or extended shut-in periods required by other dissolution treatments. DoSolx™ 20 is formulated with a low emulsion tendency surfactant for efficient dissolution of oil-wet scale deposits.

DoSolx™ 20 Barium Sulphate Scale Dissolver


Dissolution Power


Descaling Efficiency of DoSolx™ 20

DoSolx™ 20 outperforms chelating agents at all concentrations and contact times tested. DoSolx™ 20 at 10% and 20% strength does a better job in 24 hrs than 72 hrs of Chelating agent treatment at 5% or 10% concentrations.


Facilitate Clean-Up and
Prevention of Scaling


Prediction-based knowledge on what kind of scaling problem may occur will aid in the design and development of equipment to facilitate clean-up and prevention of scaling in the production system. DOSAS developed simulation software to provide calculations on the mineral scaling potential through the production system, from the reservoir to the top side.

Scale Study and Deposit Analysis

DoSolx™ 20 a Novel Eco-Friendly Dissolver

Low H₂S Generation

Compared with other dissolvers, DoSolx™ 20 is not so corrosive: if similar quantities are used, the surface removal rates of DoSolx™ 20 are normally many times less than those of sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid.

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