CemDos™ Carbon Dioxide Resistance Cement System

Robust to Corrosion in Carbon Dioxide Gas Environment downhole

Long-Term Well Integrity

Reduces the Risk of CO2 Degradation in Oil Wells

Wet carbon dioxide chemically attacks oil well cements under certain conditions resulting loss of compressive strength and structural integrity in casing sheath. To address these challenges, CemDos™ CO2 Resistance Cement System was developed to use in wet or saturated carbon-dioxide corrosive environment. Applications include source, injection, and production wells in carbon-dioxide enhanced oil recovery projects.

Excellent Performance CO2 Resistant
Cement Solution

CemDos™ CO2 Resistance Cement System – the zonal isolation technology dedicated to CO2 geological storage- provides an enduring solution to well leakage risks in CO2 enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects during injection, storage, monitoring, and after well abandonment.



  • A low water content of the slurry.
  • A large slurry density range density range (from 1,500 kg/m3 [13.1 lbm/gal to 17.2 lbm/gal]) when mixed in fresh water.
  • Long-term decommissioning solution for well abandonment in CO2 environments.
  • Compatible with latex and most cement additives.
  • Temperature range 40-140 °C and slurry density range 13.1-17.2 Ibm/gal.
  • An optimized chemistry, which significantly enhances chemical resistance of cement in carbon dioxide corrosive environment.

Cement Lifetime Extension in Carbon Dioxide Condition

Our solution for carbon dioxide environment, shows excellent compressive strength and zonal isolation with high durability over time.
Ageing data of CemDos™ CO2 Resistance Cement System exhibited excellent stability of the corresponding set cement after 8 months in carbon dioxide environments. Classical slurry under identical conditions however, experience complete destruction.