ClayPro™ PPA Permanent Clay Stabilizer

Enhance The Rheology Of Fracturing Fluids

ClayPro™ PPA Permanent Clay Stabilizer

Crystalline layers of clays occupy base exchange positions or sites in the clay structure (lattice). Contacting with water cause clay instability and swelling. When clays swell, the permeability of the formation is diminished, which interferes production.

Particles of ClayPro™ PPA completely adsorb and permanently bind the clay face and limit its ability to adsorb water and thus reduce its tendency to swell. This product is a permanent clay stabilizer. ClayPro™ PPA provides excellent and sustained permeability of formation after treatment.


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Organic Polymer Based Clay Stabilizers

The organic polymers have the advantage of being acid resistant. They can also be used in carbonate formations since they are unaffected by the carbonate content. These compounds are generally long chain organic polymers with a molecular weight ranging from 5,000 to over one million.


Property Value
Appearance Light Yellow Clear Liquid
Density 1.05-1.15 g/cm3
pH 6-8
Solubility Aqueous Solutions

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ClayPro™ TCS Temporary Clay Stabilizer
ClayPro™ TCS Temporary Clay Stabilizer

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ClayPro™ PCS Permanent Clay Stabilizer
ClayPro™ PCS Permanent Clay Stabilizer

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