CorFix™ 180 Corrosion Inhibitor

Customized and Performance-driven Technology for Your Process

CorFix™180 Corrosion Inhibitor

Special Functioning for Asset Integrity

CorFix™180 based on an engineered combination of surfactants is a powerful film forming corrosion inhibitor. The exclusive chemistry of CorFix™180 enables the product to form a highly persistent barrier for internal protection of a wide range of petroleum and petrochemical assets, particularly pipelines and gas lift systems. CorFix™180 provides excellent corrosion protection against the attack of harshly corrosive fluids and gases in sour and sweet systems.


Flexible to Be a Part of Water and Oil Soluble Formulations

Unique Chemistry for Multiple Oilfield Applications

Solubility of CorFix™180  in both aqueous and hydrocarbon solvents, makes this product versatile for different applications. CorFix™180 as an amine based corrosion inhibitor has been effectively used in the oilfield industry and provides great protection in severe brine environments.

CorFix™110 Corrosion Inhibitor


Corrosion Mitigation Efficiency of CorFix™ 180 in Acidic Brine / Hydrocarbon 

CorFix™180 was evaluated by linear polarization resistance (LPR) test under simulated field conditions based on NACE 1D-196.  Excellent LPR results have shown 98.7% corrosion rate reduction at just 25 ppm. Test results confirmed that not only CorFix™180 is compatible with LDHI (Low Dosage Hydrate Inhibitor), but also they have synergistic effects on giving greater film integrity.



Promising Resistance at Elevated Temperatures

Thermal stability  of CorFix™180 at 170 °C and in the presence of Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) was investigated electrochemically. Results showed that CorFix™180 is highly thermal stable and simultaneously fully compatible with MEG.


Corrosion Testing  and Chemical Performance Evaluation

To prevent corrosion, you need to ensure that your oilfield production chemicals are working effectively. Corrosion testing, analysis, consulting and chemical selection are among our specialist capabilities and our extensive experience positions us as your ideal service.

CorFix™180 Performance Highlights

  • Effective for an extensive range of systems and corrosive environments
  • Able to form a highly adhesive protecting film on metal surface
  • Superior protection in high water cut systems
  • High thermal stability based on laboratory tests
  • Stable performance under severe flowing conditions based on rotating cage test results
  • Having no effect on emulsion and foam formation tendency
  • Flexible in treatment method (Continuous and Batch)
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