CorFix™ ACI-100 Acid Corrosion Inhibitor

A Broad-Spectrum Acid Corrosion Inhibitor

CorFix™ ACI-100 Acid Corrosion Inhibitor

Our novel product of corrosion inhibitor addresses the case when the concentrated hydrochloric acid solution (15% or more HCl) is used as a stimulation/cleaning treatment for production wells in harsh environments. CorFix™ ACI-100, not only will you prevent damage to downhole equipment, tubular, and surfaces, but you will also maximize your asset’s longevity and reduce operational costs.

CorFix™ ACI-100 is a broad spectrum, water-soluble acid corrosion inhibitor, a combination of organic compounds in an aqueous solution suitable for use in a wide range of oilfield applications such as matrix acidizing, acid fracturing, mud acid operations, and organic acid operations. CorFix™ ACI-100 as a corrosion inhibitor is compatible with intensifiers and VES. We evaluated our product in varying HCl and intensifier concentrations and assessed it according to the changes in the corrosion rate and pits of the coupons. The results show that corrosion rate and pit index in various environments remain effectively lower than the industry acceptable rate.

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Effect of CorFix™ ACI-100 on the Corrosion Rate

DOSAS Acid Corrosion Inhibitors are used to effectively preserve metals exposed to corrosive media from corrosion, thereby extending their lifetime. The performance of CorFix™ ACI-100 in 15% HCl and its protection effect on the J55 is shown here.


Property Value
Appearance Dark Liquid
Solubility in water and 15% HCl Soluble
pH 2.5-3.5

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