CorFix™ ACI-200 Acid Corrosion Inhibitor

A High-Performance Corrosion Inhibitor to Mitigate Production Threats

CorFix™ ACI-200 Acid Corrosion Inhibitor

CorFix™ ACI-200 with a base of quaternary ammonium compound is a high temperature, high performance acid corrosion inhibitor, used in matrix acidizing and acid fracturing operations. It is applicable in challenging conditions in the environments consisting severe and corrosive brines. CorFix™ ACI-200 as an acid corrosion inhibitor is compatible with intensifiers and various solvents. Its performance was evaluated in varying HCl and intensifier concentrations and efficiency assessed according to the changes on the corrosion rate and pits of the coupons.



Ideal for Mid to high temperature
Ideal for corrosive fluids and acid solutions
Applicable in sweet and sour environments
Compatible with solvents and intensifiers
Soluble or dispersible in aqueous and non-aqueous systems



Matrix Acidizing
Acid Fracturing
Corrosion protection in different concentrations of HCl

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Effect of CorFix™ ACI-200 on the Corrosion Rate

DOSAS Acid Corrosion Inhibitors are used to effectively preserve metals exposed to corrosive media from corrosion, thereby extending their lifetime. The performance of CorFix™ ACI200 in 15% HCl and its protection effect on the Cr13 is shown here.


Property Value
Appearance at 25 °C Dark Brown Liquid
Solubility in water and 15-28% HCl Dispersible
pH 2.0-4.0

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