CorFix™110 Corrosion Inhibitor

High Persistent Film-forming Corrosion Inhibitor

CorFix™110 Corrosion Inhibitor

DOSAS filming corrosion inhibitors are versatile and effective solutions to mitigate the corrosion rate of a metal exposed to corrosive agents and develop the integrity of the assets. Imidazoline derivatives are well-known foundations for one of the controlling types of film-forming corrosion inhibitors in oil and gas industries. CorFix™110 corrosion inhibitor with more than 65% tall oil fatty acid imidazoline content, offers a superior film persistency, especially in sweet system environments.

CorFix™110 is highly flexible to be the main component of pipeline oil-soluble, water-dispersible, or water-soluble corrosion inhibitor formulations in a wide range of requirements such as oil and gas recovery, treatment or transportation equipment in both low and middle ranges of temperatures.

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Corrosion Inhibition Performance

Corrosion inhibition performance of 20 ppm of CorFix™ 110 as a single corrosion inhibitor, has been tested in a solution containing 80% brine and 20% oil at 60 ᵒC. Compared to the blank solution, CorFix™ 110 modified solutions showed 96% corrosion inhibition efficiency and mitigated corrosion rate to less than 0.1 mm/year after 15 h.


Property Value
Appearance Amber liquid
Viscosity at 25 ᵒC 200 mPa
Pour point -15 °C
pH 10.5-12.5
Solubility in water Insoluble
Solubility in oil Soluble

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