DosCare™ 21 Surfactant

Non-ionic Surfactant With High Cleaning, Foaming, and Wetting Agents

DosCare™ 21 Surfactant

DosCare™ 21 Surfactant is a non-ionic surfactant (HLB: 12.6) made from glucose and fatty alcohol, it contains Alkylpolyglucoside and has 100% Bio-sourced.  It is a medium wetting, high foaming and excellent cleaning agents and can be used as a surfactant or co-surfactant in detergent and degreaser for oil recovery and industrial detergent. It is suitable for highly alkaline or electrolytic environments.

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Cleaning Properties

DosCare™ 21 Surfactant displays high cleaning performance when used individually, the most significant property of DosCare™ 21 Surfactant is its efficiency when used as a co-surfactant, also DosCare™ 21 Surfactant has a significant foam and stability compared to conventional anionic surfactants, and increases the foam produced by anionic surfactants.


Property Value
Appearance Colorless to Yellow Liquid
Solid Content 53-57%
pH 6.5-5.5
Viscosity 1700 - 2500 mPa.s (25°C)
Density 1.08-1.13 g/cm³ (25 °C)

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