DoScav™ 100 H₂S Scavenger

Forms Complex with Unreleased Hydrogen Sulfide

DoScav™ 100 H₂S Scavenger

Large amounts of Hydrogen Sulfide (H₂S) cause several issues in the system, such as safety, environmental, and regulatory problems. H₂S is an extremely hazardous gas found in the industry and can have extremely detrimental health effects in addition to being both flammable and corrosive.
DoScav™ 100 H₂S Scavenger is an efficient water-soluble H₂S scavenger based on triazine chemistry. This product should be blended with water and alcohol to meet the desired application of the formulator.

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High-Performance Removal of H₂S with Low Concentration

DoScav™ 100 has high performance in rapid and permanent elimination of H2S with low concentration. The typical dosage of the recommendation is 14 ppm of DoScav™ 100 for each ppm of H₂S.


Property Value
Appearance Clear Liquid
Specific Gravity at 20 °C 1.10
Solubility Water Soluble

DOSAS offers a wide range of scavengers that react irreversibly with H2S and provide you with acceptable results. To select more conveniently, you can download the brochure below.

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