DoScav™ 400 H₂S Scavenger

Improve Reliability by Minimizing Secondary Effects

DoScav™ 400 H₂S Scavenger

DoScav™ 400 has been designed based on an engineered formulation for use in downhole injection and fluid gathering systems. The innovative chemistry of DoScav™ 400 provides a high compatibility with most of the production chemicals and therefore is a feasible ingredient option for multifunctional compositions. DoScav™ 400 treats H2S in the water phase and the product and all of its scavenged byproducts remain water soluble to prevent any crude oil refining issues.

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High Solubility of Scavenged Products

Fouling tendency of the scavenged products was evaluated under simulated service conditions. Testing the effect of critical factors on the saturation level of scavenged products indicated that DoScav™ 400 can be an ideal product for crude oil production issues.


Property Value
Appearance Colorless Liquid
pH 6.5 - 7.5
Flash Point > 100 °C
Viscosity 14.5 mPa.s

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