DosFlex™ Flexible Cementing Solution

Get a Strong Cement Bond that Withstands Harsh Corrosive Environment

Flexible Cementing Solution

Delivers Improved Elasticity and Tensile Strength

The DosFlex™ Flexible Cementing Solution provides elastic properties, and fracture toughness of the cement bond including excellent mechanical properties of set cement system with high thermal stability up to 350 oC.

The DosFlex™ cementing solution was developed with high design flexibility to take elastic cement systems out of the lab and into the real world. DosFlex™ cementing solutions are designed to isolate and protect your targeted zone for the life of the well. DosFlex™ deliver assured long-term zonal isolation for your specific well challenges.

Contact us to learn how the DosFlex™ Flexible Cementing Solution can deliver superior zonal isolation during your hydraulic fracturing operations.

Providing Zonal Isolation For a Well Life Cycle


Once the wellbore has been properly conditioned, a cement slurry is chosen that is most suitable for the known well conditions and anticipated challenges, in order to ensure long-term isolation. DosFlex™ powder can be formulated readily with Hallow Glass bubbles in low-density slurries to provide predicted Compressive strength, Tensile strength, and Young Modulus values to the simulated ones.

Application & Features

  • Wells exposed to high-pressure fracturing operations
  • Harsh environment (high temperature & pressure)
  • Self-cure crack and microannuli  in Hydrocarbon and gas environment

  • Get superior durability during pressure and thermal cycles
  • Gain enhanced mechanical properties with good reliability
  • Gain enhanced tensile strength and elasticity for improved long-term zonal isolation

Suitable for Anticipated Challenges

DosFlex™ Flexible Cementing Solution expands after setting, improving cement bonding and sealing microannuli that can cause unwanted gas migration. A low Young’s modulus enables it to withstand cement sheath stresses (due to drilling, perforating, injection, hydraulic fracturing, underground gas storage, and changes in temperature, pressure, or both).



Product Name Description
DosFlex™ 800 Elasticity Agent The product is utilized as a seepage loss control additive in downhole cementing applications and acts as a crack prevention additive.
DosFlex™ 300 Elasticity Agent DosFlex™ 300 Elasticity Agent is a chemical that is formulated with engineering particle size slurry to provide the set cement matrix with flexible mechanical properties at high temperature.

Greater Efficiency and Reliability

DosFlex™ Flexible Cementing Solution withstands stresses induced by high injection pressures and temperature fluctuations.

The highest-quality cement job in less time and with minimal risk can be achieved due to the high stability of the product. TGA analysis of DosFlex™ Flexible Cementing Solution shows high stability of the product for up to 380 °C.