DosFL™ SP-20 Fluid Loss Control Agent

Built for the Integrity of Your Well

DosFL™ SP-20 Fluid Loss Control Agent

In primary cementing the loss of fluid can eventuate in the premature gelation, consequently, it causes the bridging of the annular space between the permeable formation or zone and the pipe string that prevents the cement from being placed over the entire length of the well. Fluid loss control agents are added to the cement to limit the loss of water from a slurry into the permeable zones.

We provide remarkable additives to help engineers address the industry’s most pervasive types of fluid loss. One of our recommendations is DosFL™ SP-20 that is applicable for all types of cement slurries and conditions. Moreover, this product has a viscosifying effect on the slurry after mixing and can be dissolved in mixed water or dry blended with the cement to provide filtration control properties for a variety of circumstances.

DOSAS’ fluid loss control additives can be used in combination with gas migration control additives, retarders, and dispersants.

Application temperature: Up to 230 °C.



  • Significant fluid loss control at low concentration.
  • Easily achieving to low free fluid.
  • Synergy with retarders.
  • Highest values are observed at high temperatures in the presence of DosR™ EZ-HT Retarder.

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Stop Fluid Loss in the Most Extreme Scenarios

DosFL™ SP-20 is a polymeric additive that provides filtration control below 50 ml/30 min. It has been tested from 60 to 150 °C in slurries mixed with fresh and salt waters (up to 37 % BWOW) and the results have been illustrated in the following graph.


Property Value
Appearance White to Yellowish Powder
Active Substance Content >92%
Solubility Soluble in water of any temperature
pH 5-7.5

DOSAS Fluid loss control additives are customized for every well condition and help you do cementing operations accurately. For acquiring more details about DosFL™ SP-20, you can check the below brochure.

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