DosFlex™ 300 Elasticity Agent

Polymeric Elastomer for Wellbore Cement

DosFlex™ 300 Elasticity Agent

In the oil and gas wells cementing, we always face difficult situations that cause undesirable flow characteristics or impair the cement strength. Therefore it is needed to have a flexible set cement to overcome tough conditions or stresses. Elasticity agent is an important additive to improve the flexibility of the cement.

DOSAS DosFlex™ 300 is an elasticity agent with advanced swelling solution that is formulated in engineering particle size slurry to provide the set cement matrix with flexible mechanical properties at high temperatures and or harsh conditions. With increased elasticity, the cement sheath is fit to withstand the many pressure cycles of a typical unconventional completion, and it also prevents the emerging of cracks that lead to gas migration in the cement.

Temperature range: maximum BHST of 260 °C.


  • Helps provide increased cement sheath elasticity.
  • Controlled swelling in the presence of hydrocarbons.
  • Compatible with conventional cement slurries.
  • Improved zonal isolation. 

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Get the Desired Compressive Strength

DosFlex™ 300 can be employed at maximum BHST of 260 °C and tested successfully with class G cement along with many additives. The formulated slurry blend contains fine, medium and coarse size particles. The following graph shows the compressive strength obtained by the DosFlex™ 300.


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