DosFlex™ 800 Elasticity Agent

Novel High-Temperature Resistant Cement Component

DosFlex™ 800 Elasticity Agent

In the oil and gas wells cementing, we always face difficult situations that cause undesirable flow characteristics or impair the cement strength. Therefore it is needed to have a flexible set cement to overcome tough conditions or stresses. Elasticity agent is an important additive to improve the flexibility of the cement.

At DOSAS We are using our expertise in product design and to develop our portfolio of high elasticity materials to ensure our clients get the high-level efficiency that their operations need with reducing overall costs and impact on the environment. Our research and development (R&D) team provides a new technology called DosFlex™ 800, a free-flowing powder that easily disperses into cement slurry and enables the formulation of lower-density cement with improved mechanical properties and resiliency. It can also be used for downhole cementing cenosphere replacement.



  • DosFlex™ 800 is chemically resistant to polar solvents, most moderate chemicals wet or dry, organic acids, alcohols, ketones, and aldehydes.
  • The product provides significant cost savings over synthetic raw materials and hollow graphite spheres (HGS).
  • The product acts as a crack prevention additive.
  • Provides density reduction of the cement.
  • Aids Fluid Loss and gas migration control.
  • Compared to Cenospheres, the DosFlex™ 800/HGS slurry has lower compressive strength, tensile strength, and Young’s modulus.

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Long-Term Zonal Isolation

Access the desired flexibility with our additives that show excellent performance at different conditions. The graph shows aging data of compressive strength development of different density cement systems containing DosFlex™ 800 aged at 344 °C for up to 3 months under 3000 psi pressure.


Property Value
Appearance Black Powder
Bulk Density 31.2 lb/ft3
Lower Limits of Micron Range 200
Upper Limits of Micron Range 830
Mesh 20

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