DosFlux™ 150 Asphaltene Dispersant


DosFlux™ 150 Asphaltene Dispersant

Depositions of the heavy organics present in oil can happen due to various causes depending on their molecular nature. The reasons for asphaltene deposition
vary on many factors including variations of temperature, pressure, composition, flow, vessel wall imperfections and electrokinetic effects.

DosFlux™ 150 Asphaltene Dispersant treatment is a designed solution for use in oilfield environments that has petroleum distillates chemistry and is used for environmentally strict regulations. The dispersion process prevents the asphalt molecules from re-agglomerating into larger masses that will quickly separate from the liquid as a solid. DosFlux™ 150 Asphaltene Dispersant treatment has high performance in all production environments including offshore, onshore, deep water and also has global compliance and successful implementation in all continents and has been formulated to boost flow and improve your performance by maximising production and crude oil transportation.

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DosFlux™ asphaltene management solutions

Keep your oil reservoir, production piping, and transport equipment free of asphaltene deposits for optimal production. DosFlux™ asphaltene management solutions from DOSAS mitigate deposition problems that lead to formation damage, plug equipment, and impact crude stability. Our asphaltene inhibitor technologies deliver tangible benefits at every stage of oil production, transport, and processing.


Properties Typical Value
Appearance Yellow, Light Brown Liquid
Density 0.885 g/cm3
Kinematic Viscosity 126.5 mm2/s
Solubility in Water Insoluble
Solubility in Hydrocarbons Soluble

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Asphaltene Control Solution
Asphaltene Control Solution

Keep your oil reservoir, production piping, and transport equipment free of asphaltene deposits for optimal production...

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