DosMax™ 67 Cleaner

Non-corrosive, Highly Concentrated and Multipurpose Degreaser

DosMax™ 67 Cleaner

DosMax™ 67 Cleaner is a highly concentrated, multipurpose liquid cleaner and degreaser.  It is solvent-free and a highly concentrated, liquid degreaser with Multi-Clean capability that effectively removes sludge, greases, oils, contaminants, adhesives and various types of dirt. This product is biodegradable and non-corrosive, non-abrasive making it safe for application to many types of surfaces.

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DosMax™ 67 Cleaner is safe for use on hard surfaces such as vinyl, rubber, vinyl, wood, plastic, ferrous, and non-ferrous metals and it is safe on most surfaces in diluted form. It is a high-performance engine cleaner. May be used by spraying, pressure-washing, brushing, and wiping. The dilution rate will vary from 1:16-1:64, depending on the type of contamination to be removed and the type of equipment used.


Property Value
Appearance Pink Liquid
pH 9-10
Density 1.02 g/cm3 (25°C)
Specific Gravity 1.023 (25°C)
Solubility Miscible in Water

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