DosMax™ 93 Cleaner

Eco-Friendly Anionic Surfactant for Degreasing of Hard Surfaces

DosMax™ 93 Cleaner

DosMax™ 93 Cleaner is an anionic surfactant for the degreasing of hard surfaces, with outstanding surface-active properties. It is an excellent wetting agent, is stable over a wide pH range and is highly compatible with water with varying electrolyte and hardness properties. It is benzene and ethylene oxide free, and environmentally friendly with very good biodegradability.


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High Surface Activity

DosMax™ 93 produced by sulfoxidation of n-paraffin by the Hoechst light/water process. DosMax™ 93 Cleaner due to its pronounced surface activity and specific properties has a very wide range of uses: hard surfaces, industrial and institutional, and domestic.


Property Value
Appearance Yellowish Waxy Fine Grain
pH 7-8
Active Content 92%
Flash Point >250 °C

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