DosMax™ Cleaner Solution

Oilfield Cleaner Without Compromising Performance

DosMax™ Cleaner Solution
Powerful and Biodegradable Oilfield Cleaner Application

Biodegradable oilfield cleaners with excellent degreasing characteristics available as highly concentrated, powerful products, penetrating the heaviest oil contaminants. DosMax™ cleaning solution can be used throughout the oil and gas industry to remove a broad range of contamination, including sludge, mud, crude oils, tars, hardened greases, oxidized oil and rigid soils. DosMax™ oilfield cleaners are both cost-effective and more environmentally friendly.

Our cleaners can ensure a clean and sludge-free environment to optimize and extend your well production. Contact us today to learn how DosMax™ Cleaner chemicals can perfectly clean out oilfield areas.

Safely Remove Sludge Contaminants

Effectively clean out contaminated sludge and oil particles from tanks and wellbores with DosMax™ Cleaner chemical solutions from DOSAS. These surfactant and solvent treatments remove particles after using water or oil based drilling intermediate system and can be continued for further cleaning and optimal production.


Cleaning is Vital for Oilfield Areas

  • Equipment Cleaning
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Reservoir Cleaning
  • Downhole Tubular Cleaning
  • Surface Pipeline Cleaning
  • Clean up of Water Injection Systems


Strong Grease Removals

Strong grease removers and excellent wetting agents on hard surfaces

Product Name Description
DosMax™ 93 Cleaner Strong, anionic surfactant-based cleaner for industry
DosMax™ 67 Cleaner Highly concentrated multi-purpose cleaner and non-corrosive
DosMax™ 61 Cleaner Heavy duty non-ionic surfactant-based degreaser for cleaning drilling and platform equipment
DosMax™ 107 Cleaner All-purpose anionic/non-ionic surfactant-based degreaser for equipment
DosSurf™ 72 Surfactant High concentrated mixture of anionic and non-ionic surfactants of oil and sludge cleaners
DosSurf™ 84 Surfactant Cleaning of crude oil tanks and process areas
DosMax™ 105 Cleaner Cleaning and wetting agent, acid and CO2 corrosion inhibitor and defoamer

DosMax™ 93 Cleaner is a Biodegradable Anionic Surfactant

DosMax™ 93 Cleaner has a unique performance in multi-purpose cleaning, especially in oilfield environments. It has a hard surface cleaner and degreaser with outstanding surface-active properties such as strong grease removal and excellent wetting characteristics, as well as extensive compatibility with fluid systems with a broad range of pH, electrolyte, and hardness properties.