DoSolx™ DT-45 Scale Dissolver

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DoSolx™ Scale Dissolver

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DoSolx™ unique composition significantly effective in dissolution a broad range of deposits including sulfide, sulphate, and silica from tubing, equipment or formation. DoSolx™  meets the requirements for application in the North Sea, according to OSPAR recommendation 2010/3 and is classified as Gold without substitution warning by CEFAS (UK+NL).


Gain Unprecedent Iron sulfide
Dissolution Rate with DoSolx™


Iron sulfide has polymorph crystallinity structures, which complicates its dissolving and inhibition. DOSAS offers treatment options to fit the needs of operators including batch treatment of  dissolver down the annulus to treat existing deposits or inject dispersants to control the agglomeration of particles by keeping them in suspension and prevent deposition

DoSolx™ Scale Dissolver is effective against scale rich in pyrrhotite, troilite and pyrite. High pH above 11 dissolves tougher scales like pyrrhotite, specially when using K2CO3 as a convertor/catalyst.


Iron Sulfide Corrosion by-Product


Hydrochloric acid and formic acid are some of the commonly used acids during the iron sulfide treatment.H2S is generated during the reaction which increases the corrosion rate of the tubes and causes health and safety problems because of its toxicity.

DoSolx™ at high pH (11-13) shows negligible corrosion rates in low carbon and Cr-13 even at 150 ºC. The maximum reported corrosion rate for the DoSolx™ is well below the acceptable limit.


Geothermal Technology Package

Thermally Stable at Long Travel Times

DOSAS optimize the treatment based on evaluating the geothermal data, challenges and requirements, modelling geochemical and determining the proper chemical package, to preventing, controlling and dissolving mineral depositions.

On-Line Silica Dissolving
in Different Geothermal Locations

DoSolx™ solutions for geothermal power plants include a range of advanced chemical treatments specifically designed for use in downhole production wells, reinjection tubes and surface facilities to dissolve both amorphous silica and metal silicate.


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