DosSurf™ 10 Surfactant

Strong Water Wetting Non-ionic Surfactants and Heavy Cleaners

DosSurf™ 10 Surfactant

DosSurf™ 10 Surfactant is an aqueous solution of strong water wetting surfactants with very low foaming tendency. It is designed to promote phase inversion of an oil external inverted emulsion to be highly effective at degreasing surfaces. DosSurf™ 10 Surfactant has been developed as a component of the aqueous weighted spacer, specifically designed to reduce oil mud viscosity and dissolve or emulsify the oil fraction of mud residues, also it is environmentally friendly surfactants with low aquatic toxicity.

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Cleaning Test

For cleaning test, a pre-weighted rheometer sanded sleeve is coated with test mud. The sleeve is then placed in the DosSurf™ 10 Surfactant solution. The appearance and weight of the sleeve are recorded during the test and the percentage removal is calculated. It is recommended to use in spacer formulation to remove oil based drilling fluids. This product used with fresh water, sea water and various brines including NaCl and CaCl2.


Property Value
Appearance Amber Liquid
pH 5-7
Solubility Water Soluble
Specific Gravity 1.05 (20°C)
Flash Point >100°C
Viscosity <100 mPa.s (25°C)

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