DosSurf™ AG-25 Surfactant

High Cleaning Efficiency for Drilling Mud

DosSurf™ AG-25 Surfactant

DosSurf ™ AG-25 is based on anionic and non-ionic surfactants. The surfactant package DosSurf™ AG-25 is required for the design of spacer fluids after Non-Aqueous Fluids (NAFs) have been used for drilling.

The spacer fluid, designed with DosSurf™ AG-25 is able to chemically wash NAFs away from the borehole wall by changing the wettability of the residual NAF. The cement bonding will be excellent on the formation and pipeline.

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Cleaning Efficiency

The rotor test is a test method to evaluate the cleaning efficiency of a spacer fluid. The results are significant and directly visible after testing.


Property Value
Appearance Clear Liquid
Flash Point 100 - 101°C
pH (1% a.i. in Water) >5.5
Specific Gravity ~1.02

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