DosThiox™ 85 Thixotropic Agent

Provides thixotropic properties

DosThiox™ 85 Thixotropic Agent

Lost circulation problem is continuously occurring in the oil and gas wells. It ranges from partial to complete which involve material-replacement, remedial operations expenses non-productive time costs and huge financial impact.

DosThiox™ 85 is a thixotropic additive that helps manage lost circulation during cementing in cavernous or vuggy formations where bridging materials are ineffective. DosThiox™ 85 is compatible with all types of Portland cement.

Temperature range: below 85 °C.



  • Compatible with all types of Portland cement, glycols defoamers, and glucoheptonate retarders.
  • Develops faster compressive strength.

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Faster Compressive Strength Development for Set Cement

The figure shows faster compressive strength development for set cement containing DosThiox™ 85 (Aluminum Sulfate solution) when compared to similar slurries with Calcium Sulphate hemihydrate at 52 °C.


Property Value
Appearance Colourless Liquid
pH at 20 °C 1.8-2.8
Assay, as Al2O3 8-8.4%

With the DosThiox™ 85 the desired compressive strength can be reached. To know more about this additive download the brochure below.

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