DosTreat™ I-10 Scale Inhibitor


DosTreat™ I-10 Scale Inhibitor

DosTreat™ I-10 Scale Inhibitor is a triethanolamine phosphate ester which acts as a high-performance, water soluble scale inhibitor. In addition DosTreat™ I-10 Scale Inhibitor is effective in the prevention of carbonate, sulfate, and halite scales in low-temperature systems. Static jar test and dynamic tube blocking test evaluate its performance. it’s suitable for use in a wide range of oilfield applications;
For example topside, downhole, and pipeline. Having compatibility and significant synergistic effects SIs provides the opportunity to choose the right solution.

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Environmental Profile

Some data regarding DosTreat™ I-10 is highlighted below. In order to obtain some more information about DosTreat™ I-10, download our technical data sheet or our Anti-scalant Catalogue by clicking our literature tab.


Property Unit Value
Appearance Colorless to pale yellow liquid
pH 2.0-3.0
Solids Content % 63-67
Density g/cc 1.40 - 1.55
Viscosity (40°C) cPs Typically 54

DOSAS' broad portfolio of DosTreat scale inhibitors control the deposition of scales across a wide range of operating environments, lowering the risk to production and extending the life of the field.

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