DosTreat™ I-20 Scale Inhibitor Technology

Unique Technology and High Performance Polymeric Scale inhibitor

DosTreat™ I-20 Scale Inhibitor

Unique Technology Phosphonated Polymer Scale Inhibitor

DosTreat™ I-20 is a novel, high performance phosphonated polymer scale inhibitor for control of carbonate, sulphate and exotic scale. It is biodegradable and environmentally acceptable polymer that has low aquatic toxicity. Unique technology of phosphonate groups placement on end of polymer chain lead to maximum adsorption efficiency on surfaces.

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Provides versatile application and
safetreat the production 

Scale build-up is a problem it pays to prevent from day one 

DosTreat™ I-20 Scale Inhibitor design incorporates a “semi-random” distribution of unique monomers which cause excellent brine, calcium and iron tolerance, extended squeeze lifetimes and detectability, and effective broad spectrum scale control .

DosTreat™ I-20 Scale Inhibitor Brochure


Combined sulfonate and phosphonate groups shows maximum inhibition efficiency

Phosphonates are maximally effective at high temperatures, whereas sulfonated polymers are better at low temperatures. DosTreat™ I-20 that contain both phosphonate and sulfonate moieties can operate well over a range of temperatures.


Unique Technology

Placement of phosphonate groups on end of polymer chain

Polysulfonates do not adsorb strongly to rock as same as phosphonates, and therefore squeeze lifetimes will be shorter with these polymers. DosTreat I-20 shows maximum adsorption efficiency on surfaces because of unique technology of placement of phosphonate groups on end of polymer chain.

Oilfield Scale Study and Deposits Analysis

Testing, analyzing, simulation, optimizing and consulting services are specialist capabilities of our experienced and world-renowned teams

Our Oilfield Scale Study and Deposits Analysis services address scale problems and can incorporate strategies for prevention, prediction and remediation.

Accelerate Productivity With Scale Management


Scale Inhibitors Provide an Eco-Friendly Alternative

Through biodegradation, bioaccumulation, and toxicity testing, DOSAS ensures that DosTreat™ I-20 comply with environmental requirements, is biodegradable, has low aquatic toxicity and proven performance in the North Sea.

We continuously strive to reduce our environmental impact

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