DosTreat™ I-73 Scale Inhibitor

Versatile Topside System Protection

DosTreat™ I-73 Scale Inhibitor

DosTreat™ I-73 is an organophosphonate topside scale inhibitor designed to prevent calcium, barium, and strontium scale formation in a range of oilfield situations. Calcium carbonate formation is partially influenced by changes in pH and pressure, but scales are often formed on mixing differing water sources, due to incompatibilities between their salt components. DosTreat™ I-73 topside scale inhibitor functions by delivering a threshold depression of crystal precipitationand shows synergistic benefits with other treatment additives. Even if this threshold is subsequently exceeded, DosTreat™ I-73 topside scale inhibitor causes lattice distortion in the growing scale to prevent aggressive attachment onto surfaces.

The carbon to phosphorous bond is one of the phosphonate’s desirable attributes:

  • A strong anionic (negative) charge & multiple bonding sites within their complex structures
  • Excellent tolerance to dissolved iron
  • Environmentally acceptable inhibitor

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DSL Inhibition Evaluation

Detectability of DosTreat™ I-73 shows how effective this product is in preventing calcite scale formation and providing immediate and long-term scale protection compared with untreated brine in optimizing production over the life of the well.


Property Value
Appearance Clear pale–bright yellow solution
Specific gravity 1.32
pH (5% solution at 25°C) 4.0
Solubility Water soluble

See how DosTreat™ I-73 scale inhibitor solutions are designed to treat a variety of scales encountered in oilfield production operations from land to offshore.

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