DosTreat™ SI-11 Scale Inhibitor

High Fe Tolerance Solid Scale Inhibitor

DosTreat™ SI-11 Scale Inhibitor

DosTreat™ SI-11 Scale Inhibitor safely and efficiently prevents downhole deposition and tubular damage, resulting in enhanced flow assurance that increases production with less nonproductive time with slow-releasing and long-lasting chemicals applied to a solid substrate and pumped deep into the formation.
DosTreat™ SI-11 Scale Inhibitor phosphonate-based inhibitor is for use in unconventional fracturing using fine mesh sands and was developed specifically for application in a wide range of proppant sizes. Because the solid inhibitor has been placed deeper inside the reservoir, it can deliver more effective and long-term protection during the productive life of the well. The DosTreat™ SI-11 inhibitor is dry, inert and environmentally preferable.

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Effective treatment for scale build up

• Inhibits downhole scale deposition by means of slow-release, and prolonged action chemicals • Reaches deep into the fractures to offer extended performance • Reduces production losses caused by scale deposition • Minimizes environmental impact without sacrificing performance • Compatible with most additives, hydraulic fracturing fluid systems, proppants, and reservoir fluids


Property Value
Appearance Off White to Tan Solid Granules
Bulk Density 37-45 lbm/ft3
Decomposition Temp 177 °C
Specific Gravity 1.02-1.035

DOSAS' broad portfolio of DosTreat solid scale inhibitors control the deposition of scales across a wide range of operating environments, lowering the risk to production and extending the life of the field.

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