DosTreat™ SI-22 Scale Inhibitor

High Thermal Stability Solid Scale Inhibitor

DosTreat™ SI-22 Scale Inhibitor

DosTreat™ SI-22 Solid Scale Inhibitor safely and efficiently inhibit downhole deposition or tubular damage with slow-releasing and long-lasting chemicals applied to a solid substrate and pumped deep into the formation to provide fast-acting, long-term scale mitigation for your downhole tubing and other equipment during fracturing applications.
DosTreat™ SI-22 is a polymeric high thermally scale inhibitor for use in hydraulic fracturing, and placed in the proppant pack during operations. It inhibits deposition of calcium carbonate and sulphate based scales, in environments with high calcium brines and high temperatures, up to 260 °C.

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Effective treatment for scale build up

This product contains a broad use scale inhibitor that provides comprehensive protection, with both immediate and long term effects, and its use contributes to reducing production losses caused by deposition in the formation and wellbore.


Property Value
Appearance Off White to Tan Solid Granules
Decomposition Temp 260 °C
Specific Gravity 2.10 g/mL

DOSAS' broad portfolio of DosTreat solid scale inhibitors control the deposition of scales across a wide range of operating environments, lowering the risk to production and extending the life of the field.

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