DosVesta™ 200 Diverting Agent

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DosVesta™ 200 Diverting Agent

DosVesta™ 200 diverting agent provides a polymer-free way to viscosify fluids for a range of oilfield applications, including stimulation treatments and wellbore cleanouts. Viscosified acids can reduce fluid loss in the formation and improve the suspension of solid particles. It shows not only shear-thickening behavior in the rock matrix but also shear-thinning in and near the wellbore.

DosVesta™ 200 has initial low viscosity in live acid that quickly builds upon reaction with carbonate minerals, rapidly develops viscosity in situ upon acid spending, and becomes self-diverting. The viscosified fluid blocks the inflow of fresh acid into high permeability zones and diverts incoming acid to less permeable or more damaged zones, providing more even stimulation across the treatment interval.

In addition, viscosified acid solutions formed with DosVesta™ 200 slow the dissolution of carbonate rock, limiting localized enlargement of the wellbore and allowing for more selective stimulation. As the acid concentration is depleted, the viscous gel breaks down to a low viscosity fluid without the need for a solvent flush; reducing the need for operator intervention and decreasing cost.

Our DosVesta™ Diverting Solution shows good compatibility at elevated temperature, with standard industry corrosion inhibitors, particularly DOSAS Corrosion Inhibitor CorFix™ ACI, Specifically designed for use in acidizing with hydrochloric acid or mud acid (Hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid mixes).

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Viscosity Profile Test

DosVesta™ 200 can be used to build shear-thinning fluids that are effective at suspending solid particles under low shear conditions. The presence of the viscosifying surfactants also lowers the surface tension and may reduce the need for additional flowback surfactants. DosVesta™ 200 has been tested to assess the effect on the VES rheology.


Property Value
Appearance Liquid
Specific Gravity 1.01
Solubility in Acid Soluble

Due to the outstanding properties of DosVesta™ 200, this is a high-quality diverting agent that meets your demands. For more information please read the document down below.

DosVesta™ Diverting Agent Solution
DosVesta™ Diverting Agent Solution

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