DosVesta™ Diverting Agent Solution

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Viscoelastic surfactants
as diverting agent

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Currently, viscoelastic surfactants have been used in many oilfield applications. The main advantage of these kind of systems is their polymer-free nature. Also, they require a minimum amount of additives and can be used in both sweet and sour wells.

Viscoelastic surfactant solutions (VES) have been identified as possible non-Newtonian fluids to improve the uniformity of flow distribution in the reservoir. They show not only shear-thickening behavior in the rock matrix, but also  shear-thinning  in and near the wellbore. This unique behavior makes VES a suitable candidate for a conformance control.

Versatile Performance is Our Promise to You

VES fluids break upon contact with hydrocarbon, therefore can maintain a temporary shut off effect when placed in a water bearing zone, for diverting fluid away from this zone ahead of a stimulation treatment. In-situ viscosifying occurs in the high permeability water zone rather than the oil zone.


Your Benefit

  • Natural breaking mechanisms on contact with hydrocarbons
  • Reduction in additives for a viscous fluid system
  • Less damage to formation as is seen with polymer alternatives
  • Versatile product for use in a wide range of oilfield production optimization operations.

  • High and Low rate acidizing operations
  • Hydraulic fracturing with proppants
  • Diversion stages in a stimulation operations
  • Temporary water shutoff operations


Our Diverting Agent Solution

DosVesta™ Diverting Agent Solution upon reaching the critical micelle concentration, causes viscosity to increase in a similar magnitude to that of a polymer-base fluid with crosslinker, for optimum fracture propagation, leak off control and proppant suspension.

Product Name Description
DosVesta™ A20 Viscoelastic Surfactant It effectively gels the spent hydrochloric acid and provides stable viscosities when combined with other acidizing additives.

Paramount to Performance

This is more commonly seen when there is lack of compatibility testing and is a common problem with Viscoelastic Surfactants and Corrosion Inhibitors used together in acidizing systems.

Our VES DosVesta™ Diverting Agent Solution show good compatibility at elevated temperature, with standard industry corrosion inhibitors, particularly DOSAS Corrosion Inhibitor CorFix™ ACI, Specifically designed for use in acidizing with hydrochloric acid or mud acid (Hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid mixes).

Performing corrosion inhibitor testing and optimising chemical selection are critical aspects of maximising the lifespan and safeguarding the integrity of oil and gas infrastructure.