Dual Function Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor

Combined corrosion & scale inhibitor to protect and maintain assets over their entire life cycle

Dual Function Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor

Keep Crude & Condensate Flowing,
Maintain Assets Over Their Entire Life Cycle

DOSAS’ customized scale and corrosion protection solutions provide one of the most economical ways to maintain oil and gas production at peak efficiency. Combined scale and corrosion inhibitor in oilfield systems inhibits mineral scale deposition by crystal distortion, adsorbing on the surface of scale crystals during nucleation, blocking active growth sites, and limiting further expansion of the crystal. It also acts as a film-forming corrosion inhibitor, adsorbing onto metal surfaces to provide protection in both brine and hydrocarbon phases. Dual Use Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor has been designed to be dissolved in methanol, in all proportions.



Simplify Production and Minimize Handling

A dual functional formulation was developed with the following aspects in mind:

  • Utilization of a chemistry capable of dissolving deposits
  • Inhibition of corrosion caused by carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide on mild steel
  • Corrosion inhibition in conditions where fluids have low or high velocity
  • Lower corrosiveness of inhibitors to mild steel
  • Effective inhibition against calcium carbonate and barium sulfate deposition
  • Surfactancy to lower the surface tension between fluids and solid particles


Features and benefits

  • Suitable for capillary injection
  • Capable of being used against a variety of scales
  • Versatile under changing conditions
  • Absorbable on the surface of crystals during nucleation
  • Potential to control corrosions caused by the acid gases of carbon dioxide
  • At the beginning, in order to obtain a regular protecting film, it is important to make a shock treatment

DosTreat™ 100 Combined Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor

Extensive suite of water soluble scale and corrosion inhibitor designed for high temperature, pressure and TDS brine systems

Product Name Description
DosTreat™ 100 Combined Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor Certified scale and corrosion inhibitors for challengeable environment

Midstream Asset Integrity

Global impact studies suggest that implementing internal corrosion detection and prevention programs can yield a 15-35% savings to pipeline operators. Throughout the asset lifecycle, DOSAS provides expert solutions and technologies aimed at maximizing equipment longevity and minimizing the risks inherent with corrosion failures. Our chemical management approach combines coordinated corrosion, gas treatment and Scale to help support safe, smooth operation and regulatory compliance.