EmendaFlow™ 100 Gas Hydrate Control

Kinetic Gas Hydrate Inhibitor to Protect Against Blockages

EmendaFlow™ 100 Gas Hydrate Control

Gas hydrate plugging is a major concern for offshore oil and gas production, especially in deepwater operations. Gas hydrate plugging negatively impacts production and causes significant safety risks during remediation. Gas hydrates are an ice-like solid structure, consisting of water enclathrating low-molecular- weight natural gases. Gas hydrates are typically stable at conditions of high pressure and low temperature.

Chemical treatment is frequently applied for the gas hydrate control in the form of hydrate inhibitors. Two inhibitor types are to be distinguished: Thermo-dynamic hydrate inhibitors (THIs) and low-dose hydrate inhibitors (LDHIs), which are further divided into kinetic hydrate inhibitors (KHIs) and anti-agglomerants (AAs).

EmendaFlow™ 100 Gas Hydrate Control is a kinetic gas hydrate inhibitor, a mixture of polymer and solvent used to prevent successfully hydrate blockages and inhibit the spontaneous gas hydrate formation in oil and gas pipelines and other production equipment.
EmendaFlow™ 100 low-dose hydrate inhibitor LDHI can effectively delay significant growth and extend the time required to form hydrates. Thus, it is an excellent alternative to conventional hydrate prevention technologies.

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EmendaFlow™ 100 Synergistic effect

Forget worrying about performance-robbing incompatibilities. Although Hydrate inhibitors don’t always get along well with other additives, such as corrosion inhibitors, EmendaFlow™ 100 offers salient compatibility with DosTreat™ 100 dual function corrosion and scale inhibitor.


Properties Value
Appearance Colorless liquid
pH (1% in water at 20 °C) 8
Solubility Soluble in water
Density 1.11 g/ml

Learn how EmendaFlow™ low-dose hydrate inhibitors (LDHI) keep production free of icy blockages.

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