EmendaFlow™ 33 Paraffin Dissolver

High-Performance Paraffin Deposits Dissolver

EmendaFlow™ 33 Paraffin Dissolver

EmendaFlow™ Paraffin Control Solution contains high performance products that help you to effectively manage paraffinic crudes.  Where hydrocarbons depressurize and cool, paraffin can nucleate and grow into crystal structures, severely impacting flow of production streams. Deposition can occur downstream in flowlines, up to the point of refinery. EmendaFlow™ 33 Paraffin Dissolver can prevent paraffin-induced plugging of pipelines and improve the rheological properties of highly viscous, paraffinic crudes. They function as pour point depressants, wax inhibitors, and dispersants. Our products help to make your pipeline operations more effective, through avoiding pumping interruptions and reducing total costs.
EmendaFlow™ 33 dissolves paraffin that have a negative effect on production. EmendaFlow™ 33 Paraffin Dissolver is a combination of selected solvents, which are specially designed to dissolve a range of deposits in crude oil production environments, process tunings, storage containers and tanks.

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EmendaFlow™ 33 Compatibility

While paraffin deposition severely affects the oilfield system, EmendaFlow™ 33 acts as a dissolvent in Paraffin/ Wax Control section. It has perfect compatibility with steels, elastomers and thermoplastic polymers.


Property Value
Appearance Colorless Liquid
Flash Point < 0 ° C
Solubility in Water Insoluble
Solubility in Oil Soluble
Dynamic Viscosity At 20 °C: 1-2 cps, At 4 °C: 2-3 cps

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