EmendaFlow™ 77 Paraffin Inhibitor

Crystal Modifier, Designed to Prevent Wax Deposit Both Downhole and Upstream

EmendaFlow™ 77 Paraffin Inhibitor

When oil is produced from the subsurface through steel tubing or casing and moved from the wellhead to storage through steel piping lines, the accumulation of an organic deposit (commonly referred to as paraffin or wax) in the cooler sections of the piping can cause production problems that are both serious and costly. Paraffin inhibitor solution is the best method for controlling paraffin accumulation. Chemical products as paraffin control solution are now available that function to be wax inhibitors. The wax crystal modifier has a similar molecular structure to wax. It coprecipitates or co-crystallizes with a wax crystal by replacing wax molecules on the crystal lattices. By doing so, it imposes a steric hinderance on paraffin crystals that interfere with the proper alignment of the new incoming paraffin molecules such that growth terminates.

DOSAS provide EmendaFlow™ 77 paraffin inhibitor solution prevent paraffin deposition and reduce pigging and cleaning frequency. EmendaFlow™ 77 has been specifically developed for oilfield operations in all the cases where paraffin deposits are a treat to flow assurance. It has been formulated in high flash point aromatic solvent to be not flammable.

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Crystal Modifiers Mechanism

Crystal modifier paraffin and wax inhibitor chemicals act to disrupt wax crystal growth by adsorbing onto the wax crystals. By co-crystalizing with the native paraffin waxes in the crude oil, these interactions result in the deformation of the crystal morphology of the crude wax. Once deformed, these crystals cannot undergo the normal series of aggregation steps.


Properties Typicall Value
Appearance Liquid
Specific gravity 0.89
Flammability Non-flammable

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