EnhancePro™ Technology

Innovative Conformance, Control Technique

Access the Inaccessible
EnhancePro™ is a diversion technology, low risk, production optimization technique used for simultaneously stimulating untouched reserves, while isolating water zones.

EnhancePro™ Technology is a customizable technique with a diversion element and stimulation element, which are both tailored to specific production environments, to achieve maximum productivity.


EnhancePro™ Elements

The EnhancePro™ Dive is a diversion element for complex rheology, while remaining easy to rapidly
break  on contact with hydrocarbons and incurring minimal damage  to the reservoir.

The EnhancePro™ Stim is a stimulation element is formulated specific to the reservoir, with specialty
additives  contributing to achieving maximum penetration into the formation, while maintaining asset
integrity during the operation.

Minimum Risk, Maximum Gain

Our integrated approach to treatment optimization, from concept to execution, including: Stimulation design, Programs, and Execution supervision, allows for the most efficient treatment delivery.

  • Accesses untouched reserves.
  • Allows preferential treatment of oil zones.
  • Easy mixing and deployment of fluid systems.
  • Non-damaging non-polymer based viscosifying system.
  • Applicable in a broad range of production environments.
  • Simultaneous increase in hydrocarbon production and decrease in water production.
  • Can be combined with other production optimization techniques for further production enhancement of oilfield asset.
  • Diversion element breaks on contact with hydrocarbons, thus will temporarily block water zones until the element degrades.


We listen, to fully understand your needs, helping guide your product selection with data so you can make informed decisions up front, to mitigate risks today and prevent problems tomorrow.

Bring Value to the Surface

1. The EnhancePro™ Dive is placed downhole, and its shear recoverable characteristics allows the system to develop viscosity while targeting high permeability streaks, blocking these thief zones within the reservoir.

2. The EnhancePro™ Stim is subsequently injected below fracture pressure, diverted by the diversion element, to the low permeability areas, creating new conductive channels.

3. The EnhancePro™ Stim is flowed back to surface at low rate after the acid has spent, and the gelled diversion remains in the reservoir in the thief zones.

4. The EnhancePro™ Dive breaks down upon contact with hydrocarbons, and the overall effect is uniform stimulation with new production from previously unaccessed reserves.