Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger Solutions

Prevent Corrosion with Eliminating H2S Levels

DoScav H2S Scavenger Solutions
Boost Safety, Minimize CAPEX

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a toxic, highly corrosive acid gas that can be present in your reservoir by nature, produced by bacteria (SRB) or formed through the decomposition of sulfur containing compounds of crude oil at elevated temperatures in refinery process. Induced Corrosion of H2S can damage both process and storage facilities and increase your operational hazards, unexpected shutdowns and cost of asset integrity management. Along with several operational challenges, it makes HSE and regulatory issues. DoScav H2S scavengers have an irreversible reaction with hydrogen sulfide to remove them from your system to ensure more safety. DOSAS offers a range of proven solutions for both gas and liquid systems.

DoScav H2S Scavengers for ensuring safe environments

Dosas provides DoScav H2S scavengers for durable elimination of H2S encountered in Oil and gas production, refineries, transportation with pipelines and containers and storage tanks.

Benefits of DoScav H2S Scavengers

  • Efficiently reduce H2S
  • Decrease corrosion risks and requirement for corrosion inhibitor chemicals
  • Reduce cost of asset integrity management and the need for replacement equipment
  • Improve health, safety and environmental conditions
  • Longer service life of assets and consequently lower maintenance expense

DoScav H2S-W Scavengers

Cost effective and Fast reacting

Water-soluble scavengers are one of the highest performance scavengers and often suitable for applications at ambient to medium range of temperatures

Product Name Description
DoScav H2S-W05 Triazine-based, fast reacting and effective product for lower concentrations of H2S where contact time is restricted
DoScav H2S-W17 Triazine and formaldehyde free high efficiency H2S scavenger extensively used for sour crude oil
DoScav H2S-W22 Triazine free H2S scavenger for oil and gas wells having high H2S and mercaptan emission

DoScav H2S-O Scavengers

For High temperature applications

Oil-soluble scavengers are ideal for extensive range of temperature and ideal for viscous heavy oils, treating storage tanks and ships

Product Name Description
DoScav H2S-O11 Triazine free high performance H2S scavengers at low doses, suitable for upstream, midstream and downstream
DoScav H2S-O22 Cost effective H2S scavenger with high bacterial growth-inhibitory activity for sulfate-reducing bacteria

DoScav H2S-S Scavengers

The most straight forward option for H2S mitigation

Solid H2S adsorbents efficiently reduce hydrogen sulfide from natural gas or other gaseous systems used for both onshore and offshore applications

Product Name Description
DoScav H2S-S20 Copper based adsorbent for H2S and mercaptan removal with high purification efficiency

HSE and Regulatory Concerns

H2S is a major hazard to workers in the oil and gas industry and regarded as both an environmental and industrial pollutant. Increasing world use of higher-sulfur containing crudes will exacerbate this problem. Thus, several government agencies regulate and enforce H2S exposure limits to protect companies and workers. DOSAS H2S scavengers are economical and reliable treatment in order to abate these concerns.