Iron Sulfide Scale Dissolver

Non-Acidic Specialty Formulation

Iron Sulfide Scale Dissolver


Keep the Production Clean
by Minimizing FeS

Iron sulfide can cause several issues in oil and gas production. For instance, it can plug filters, build up in tanks, shorten production-equipment life, and damage the formation. DOSAS offers formulated iron sulfide scale dissolver options to fit the needs of operators and help eliminate or control these issues.

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Unprecedented Dissolution


Specialty Formulation

Conventional iron sulfide solutions such as mineral and organic acids, oxidizers, acrolein, and Tetrakis Hydroxymethyl-Phosphonium Sulfate (THPS) pose different operation challenges for oil & gas producers. DoSolx™ 50 specialty formulation addresses these challenges by providing a non-corrosive and boosted dissolution to iron sulfide.


Synergistic Effect


Efficient Dissolution of
Oil-Wet Iron Sulfides

DoSolx™ 50 is formulated with synergists to chemically modify the surface of the scale. It enhances the reactivity and efficiently dissolves the oil-wet scale deposits.

C/Co (%) represent the ratio of iron concentration in the spent dissolver to the initial amount of iron in the iron sulfide scale.


Corrosion Rate


Low H2S Generation

H2S is generated during the reaction of common acid treatments which increases the corrosion rate of the tubes and causes health and safety problems because of its toxicity. DoSolx™ 50 released no H2S gas when iron sulfides are dissolved and is non-corrosive towards most encountered oilfield metallurgies.

Scale Prediction
During Production


DOSAS simulates fluid production from the reservoir to the sales point, and computes the phase mass balance, scale tendencies, and scale mass of production fluids at each location in the production line to mitigate risk from production interruption or asset damage.

Oilfield Scale Study and Deposit Analysis

DoSolx™ 50 Negligible Corrosion Rate

The development of novel dissolvers that are less corrosive and safer than traditional dissolvers is a necessary step to improve the dissolution of iron sulfide scales. DoSolx™ 50 unique formulation, expedites production with below acceptance limit of corrosion rate.

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